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Medical Oncology

Where Should I Start?

Cancer treatment starts by identifying the type and stage. This is a multistep process determined by tumor location, tissue origin, and grade system. We utilize a variety of diagnostic labs, cytology, and imaging such as CT, ultrasound, and radiographs to assess the cancer's extent in the body. Answering these questions helps the oncologist create a personalized treatment plan for the patient and their family.

What Should I Expect?

Our medical oncologist collaborates with various specialists to provide a multidisciplinary approach. The first appointment involves discussing history, diagnosis, treatment options, and prognosis, with possible same-day diagnostics. Regular appointments include pre-treatment diagnostics and treatments in a dedicated area, with pets receiving treats and affection during the visit.

It is advisable for pets diagnosed with or suspected of having cancer to see a veterinary cancer specialist promptly for better outcomes. Consulting our medical oncologist allows exploration of treatment options, quality-of-life discussions, and future expectations, even if treatment may not be pursued.

Medical Oncologist